The Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations and the Fiji Police Force is advising members of the public to be mindful and vigilant of individuals collecting money and promising employment opportunities through the National Employment Centre (NEC).

Totogo Police are investigating a case where a man claiming to be an Employment Officer of the NEC had been approaching Fijians and allegedly obtaining financial advantage by deception.

To date 11 reports have been received whereby the suspect had allegedly received payment of $350 each, assuring individuals of flying to Australia for overseas employment.

He allegedly used names of senior officers in the Ministry to persuade members of the public of his stance as a Public Officer.

Fijians are urged to be aware of such bogus employment agents and not to pay money to individuals claiming to represent the Ministry or for employment opportunities in Australia or New Zealand.

The NEC Division of the Employment Ministry is solely responsible for the labour mobility programs offered by the Governments of Australia and New Zealand to send Fijians for seasonal work and the Pacific Labour Scheme. Please contact the Ministry on any seasonal work and PLS employment opportunities to Australia and New ZealandEnds

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