The National Disaster Management Office is advising members of the public to stay alert during this festive season focusing on disaster preparedness. 

The NDMO together with the Divisional Emergency Operation Centres around the country are prepared for  the 2019/2020 Cyclone Season, and will continue to coordinate all relief and response operations on the ground with the National Emergency Operation Centre. 

NDMO Director, Vasiti Soko says they are also working closely with the first responders to strengthen their coordination to prepare for any possible events this season.  

“We also encourage everyone to have their Disaster Plans ready for this season” said Soko. 

“Make a Disaster Plan including a secure location or shelter for evacuation, conduct drills with family members, school or villages so that they are aware of their response plan, involve all family members including children, people living with disabilities in your plan, get your emergency contacts, an emergency kit, a battery powered radio, a charged mobile phone, top up credit and stay informed on the latest news from the Fiji Meteorological Office or the Media” said Soko. 

Find out more on Disaster Plans on the NDMO Facebook and Twitter pages. 

For any queries email or call NDMO on 3319250.


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