“Being humble is an important element of being Fijian and we cherish that among all the communities which we come from.”

These were the sentiments shared by Minister for Youth and Sports  Parveen Kumar Bala while officiating as the chief guest at the Beqa-Yanuca Secondary School prize-giving ceremony in Raviravi, Beqa Island.

Minister Bala reiterated the importance of education in the lives of youths and the vital roles that teachers and parents play in the academic upbringing of a student.

“To the teachers and the parents present here today, you are all not only educating our young people for their future endeavors but also laying a very solid foundation for Fiji to have a vibrant youth sector in the years to come.”

“Education is fundamental to a good foundation and a vibrant future. The Government recognises the enormous contribution education makes to the economy and has made education a priority by introducing multiple initiatives to ease the educational phase of all students.”

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