The Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister Mr Yogesh Karan is expected to visit the island of Rotuma today to iron out audit issues highlighted in a recent Office of the Auditor-General’s (OAG) Report for the Council of Rotuma. 

The Government, through the Office of the Prime Minister, provides an annual funding assistance to the Council under the Rotuma Subvention Fund to assist in the payment of the Council’s operational cost and also to fund community development projects on the island. 

Mr Karan is expected to meet with the Council members to map out control measures on the utilisation of funds and also brief them on the Government’s expectations. 

The special audit report covered the period from 1st January 2015 to 31st July 2018. Some issues highlighted in the special OAG report include poor governance and internal controls, the lack of documentation to support expenditures, unsubstantiated withdrawal from the subvention bank account, weak controls over cash management and assets and non-submission of financial statement for audits, among other matters. 

The Permanent Secretary is also expected to meet with the Government officials where he will be briefed on the Government services and the progress of development projects on the island.

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