Athletics Fiji has ‘Rules for Competition’ in place, that only recognises athletes taking part based on the ‘gender’ listed in their birth certificates.

The clarification comes after a misinterpretation by a newspaper, regarding gender inclusivity in athletics.

Waqa was reported saying that ‘transgender boys and girls’ can now participate in a category preferable to them, come the 2020 Coca Cola Games.

There are “Rules for Competition” in place that follows ‘World Athletics’ Rules for Competition’, that only recognises athletes’ gender based on their birth certificates.

Any athlete must also meet the qualifying standards in their grades in order to compete at the games. This is to ensure fair and level competition amongst all.

“Every athlete can participate as long as they meet the criteria that promotes fair competition amongst all Athletes,” Waqa said.

Waqa believes the reason transgender male and females were allowed to take part in overseas countries was probably because they’ve had their gender changed in their Birth Certificates, something that has never happened in Fiji.

“We recognise athletes based on the gender noted in their Birth Certificates, it’s a rule we follow under World Athletics,” he said.

“If an athlete produces his or her birth certificate that confirms they’ve legally changed their gender, then we will have to accomodate for that under World Athletics’ Rule for Competition, but since that has never happened with us before, we will still strictly go forward following our rules for competition that’s in place.”

The Coca Cola Games will be held from the April 16-18 of April, next year.

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