Knowing your neighbours has many benefits as it builds strong community partnership and you can lend a helping hand to others in their time of need.

Mrs Shamila Prasad the wife of 64year old kidney patient Surendra Prasad said her prayers were answered following a donation from the Vodafone ATH Foundation made in collaboration with the family of the Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Itendra Nair to assist with her husband’s medical needs.

Arrangements were made and a collection drive was organized by A/DCP Nair’s family as they believed in putting into practice Fiji’s Veilomani Spirit through the Know Your Neighbour concept initiated by the Fiji Police Force.

Mrs Prasad acknowledged the support shown to her family in their time of need. “We were so blessed to have kind hearted neighbors that can help us during this difficult time and we pray that the almighty will bless them all”.

Speaking on behalf of the Nair family, Mrs Nair said,“most people are unaware of the plight of their neighbours but we all have the ability to help each other in a small way”.

The Acting Deputy Commissioner acknowledged Vodafone ATH Foundation for coming on board in helping support the initiative through Duavata Community Policing.

“We are police officers 24/7 and it is our duty to help those in need and with our close association with the ATH Vodafone Foundation we were able to assist Mr Prasad”.

“At the end of the day police officers are members of the community so once we go back home our work in protecting and serving people extends to our communities also so it was only right for us to do something to help as we were in a position to help”.

The Acting DCP handed over the cheque to the Prasad family in Nadawa this week.

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