On the bright Saturday morning of 18th July 2020, a group of close to 20 participants gathered at Wailase Road (Sawani).

The participants were employees of Asco Motors, Suva Dealership who lent a helping hand to the Ministry of Forests and landowners in planting 400 mahogany trees.

In alignment with the Asco’s wish to be more environmentally responsible, we have carried out this year’s corporate social responsibility by planting trees and cleaning up our area, of work.

This year’s goal is to continue such activities and expand on reducing our carbon emissions in a meaningful way. “Asco Motors has embarked on a goal to achieve a carbon-neutral status as an organization.

Our people and societies are the most vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we strive to reduce the following effects on the environment by eliminating environmental pollution, supporting the government’s environmental initiatives. Also, while placing a high priority on not disturbing the environment in conducting business” said Mr Ronald Kumar, Financial Controller & Company Secretary.

Mr Kumar further added that Asco Motors has plans to expand the tree planting initiative in the coming month’s which will also support the local communities financially for future generations.

Since most of the participants were new to planting, Asco Motors was grateful to The Ministry of Forests for providing a specialist to give a brief orientation on the proper handling and seeding of plants.

To celebrate the success of planting, the participants enjoyed light refreshments at the site.

Though our bodies were sweating, we did not mind thinking we did something for the environment

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