Archbishop Peter Loy Chong believes that violence against women pushes young people, to search for peace and happiness outside the home.

For some young people, this leads them to drugs and alcohol, which is one of the ‘catalysts’ driving criminal activities.

Chong said that the reason young people resort to substance abuse is because they are searching for happiness and peace that violent homes can not provide for them.

The increasing involvement of young people with drug cases and other criminal activities is a by-product of the peace and happiness search.

He added that relevant stakeholders need to work together to build strong marriages and families to ensure that the rippling effects caused by the violence on women issues can be addressed.

The inaugural Fiji Corrections Service ” Sow A Seed Program” revealed that more than 50 percent of inmates are well-educated but having broken family units is a common element contributing to their convictions. When their home is not family they find family within their criminal groups and friends.


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