We have to change what we need to change to make a difference and reach those who need to be reached”.

A commitment made by the Assemblies of God (AOG) Fiji General Superintendent Reverend Dr Mosese Cakau to the Acting Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu and his delegation as he continued his courtesy visit to the Executives of Religious organisations.

Rev. Dr Cakau after being briefed on the purpose of the Acting Commissioner’s visit said the Church has adopted a number of changes which would work well with the Fiji Police’s intent of enhancing crime prevention initiatives.

‘We recognize that the Church has a big role to play and recently you would have seen how we have started to talk about issues normally labelled taboo subjects”.

“We have launched a new television series called Family Matters where we are talking about issues that were never discussed openly but we know have to be confronted in order to create awareness and find solutions”

.Rev. Dr Cakau says the Acting Commissioner’s delegations visit was timely as awareness was also key to how they could help through their programs.

“We have taken onboard the generational changes affecting churches today. We have a younger generation who may not necessarily be drawn to the traditional way of worship and therefore as leaders we had to change just so they know there is always a door open to them to come and worship”.

“The AOG Church is ready and we were waiting for a vehicle to take us on this journey together and your visit is timely as we can start with the process of transformation inward in the hope of saving people from making wrong decisions that could impact their lives and their future”.

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