With ANZ’S 139 years of innovation in the Pacific and like each year, the bank has got something to offer to its customers.

 ANZ Fiji Country Head, Saud Minam announced ANZ Bank’s latest initiative on EFTPOS machines.

He says good news to the customers as they will now be able to swipe less than $10 dollars anywhere, where ANZ ”Electronic Funds Transfer At Point Of Sale” (EFTPOS) machine is found.

ANZ, Bred Bank, BSP, Westpac and HFC customers will no longer need to run to the ATM to withdraw money to pay for shopping less than $10 from today.

This is after the announcement which was made by the ANZ Fiji Head – Saud Minam who believes in a cashless society.

He says people in the rural and maritime areas will also be able to benefit from this initiative as the ANZ EFTPOS now operates with sim-card making it accessible to many.

Minam adds that people will not need to worry about any security issues with the new initiative in place and have advised all to keep their ATM cards safe after use.

The move will not only make shopping more convenient for customers in towns and cities, but also for those in the rural far-flung communities.



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