The third suspect in a case of drug find in Savusavu yesterday has been arrested and is in police custody.

The suspect was traveling with two others when they were stopped at a checkpoint between Urata and Nadomole in Savusavu manned by Police and Land Transport Authority officers.

Upon searching the vehicle illicit drugs believed to be marijuana worth more than $10,000 was allegedly found inside the vehicle.

Two men aged 29 and 47 were arrested while the third suspect had escaped from the checkpoint and was later arrested in Seaqaqa.

Investigations continue.

Meanwhile in a separate raid conducted in Lami, three men who were arrested for allegedly breaching curfew hours are also facing drug related charges after they were allegedly found with white substances believed to be methamphetamine.

The three were arrested in Nadonumai after officers found them sitting at an empty roadside market stall in Nadonumai after 11pm, and a search conducted resulted in the discovery of clear plastics containing white crystals believed to be methamphetamine and sachets of dried leaves believed to be marijuana.

Also seized was cash believed to have been gained from the sale of illicit substances.

The three remain in custody as investigations continue.

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