French Polynesia has recorded another 303 Covid-19 cases, raising the total of the pandemic to 8949.


Another 303 Covid-19 cases in Tahiti

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French Polynesia has recorded another 303 Covid-19 cases, raising the total of the pandemic to 8949.Group of viruses, computer illustration.

Photo: AFP

The health authorities have changed their reporting system and no longer say how many cases are considered active.

87 people with Covid-19 symptoms are in hospital, including 26 in intensive care.

38 people have died.

All but 62 cases were detected after the borders were reopened in July and mandatory quarantine requirements were abolished to boost tourism.

A curfew is in place to try to curb the spread of the virus, but unlike in France, there is no lockdown.

Earlier the French High Commissioner, Dominique Sorain, said as long as the hospitals had care capacity, another lockdown was not envisaged.

“Fighting against the virus is protecting our and your health, but it is also protecting your jobs, your incomes, your children. It’s not possible to separate these approaches.”

Across the political spectrum, there was also no clamour for a lockdown.

However, a unionist Patrick Galenon told local Radio 1 that inaction could lead to the death of many more.

“We are twice as infected as mainland France, and case numbers rise. Therefore we need a lockdown right away. The prime minister and the president were very clear.”

A lockdown in March and April eliminated the virus.

Since the border reopened in July 28,000 tourists have arrived, in addition to thousands of French officials and residents stranded overseas.

With them, the coronavirus was back.


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