11 Farmers have come on board to sign Farmer Contracts with the Fiji Agro-marketing at Kavanagasau.

Some of the farmers are from Nabitu.

The farmers have thanked the Fiji Agro-marketing for giving them the opportunity to sign up for the Farmer Contracts.

This will provide a formal commitment for the produce which they have planted and will take away their worry on how to sell these produce.

Total land area allocated is 39.5 acres and these farmers will plant Cassava, Duruka, Eggplant, and Chillies for the Fiji Agro-marketing.

These are existing farmers who have signed up with the Fiji Agromarketing to compliment what they produce and earn more income for themselves.

The group have named themselves the Kavanagasau Salad Bowl Cluster.

The Chief Guest at this event was the Minister for Agriculture, Waterways, and Environment Dr. Mahendra Reddy, and he said thats nice the inception of this initiative in May, where 43 farmers entered into formal contractual arrangement with Agro Marketing Authority, there has been unprecedented level of interest in this initiative across various communities from all across Fiji.

We are on our way to have 200 farmers registered with the scheme very soon, focusing on key commodities that will see us make concerted progress towards realizing our first milestone of achieving $1 billion worth of agri-exports from Fiji.

Furthermore, each of these farmers will also become members of the FNPF for the first time, ensuring that they are securing their and their families future.

The Fiji Agro-marketing already has a dedicated Collection Centre in Sigatoka including a chiller.

The farmers from Valley Rd, Kavanagasau, and Nabitu can hire this chiller or use our facilities for a small fee.

The cassava harvested from these farms will be processed at Fiji Agromarketing Sigatoka Collections Centre.

This is a start and more farmers are expected to join in the coming months in this region.

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