The Agriculture Census Enumerators Training came to an end yesterday.

At the Khatrya Hall in Ba, Chief Economists, Sera Bose while addressing the participants highlighted on the structure and overview of the 2020 Fiji Agriculture Census.

“As Enumerators you will be guided by your Field Supervisors who will be coordinating your work from the field.”

She emphasized that the Enumeration Areas for this Census is based on the District Boundaries which makes it different from the Population Census. She added that this census is an integrated census inclusive of all the 4 agriculture sub-sectors namely Crops, Livestock, Fisheries & Forests.

“While integrating the questionnaires there was wide consultation and collaborations involved consisting of a technical working group and a steering committee in order to produce the questionnaires to a wide scope taking into considering recommendations from Infrastructure and Health.” “

So I encourage you all to give your best in performing your duties as enumerators to collect quality data come Census Week.”

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