Agricultural Research Stations nationwide are earmarked for a shift in operational focus, with individual stations set to concentrate research on specific commodities.
This was highlighted by the Minister for Agriculture Dr. Mahendra Reddy yesterday at the Agriculture Research Station in Mua, Taveuni during his current consultative tour of the island.
“There is still a lot to do when we’re referring to our Agriculture Research Stations and I wish to see more being done to ensure that our research institutes are an exemplary place for upcoming agricultural entrepreneurs,”  Reddy said.
“Our Research Stations must be a constant hive of activities, a place for demonstrations and a place whereby new knowledge is created about the sector, it should become a symbol of agricultural growth for the island of Taveuni and to a further extent the rest of Fiji.
He elaborated that the rebranding and repurposing of activities conducted by the respective Ministry research stations would be made soon as stations would be dedicated to specifically selected commodities.
“The Ministry has at its disposal close to a dozen Research Stations nationwide, where they will be rebranded, these stations will specialize in a particular crop or livestock and this is all a part of our setting out a new strategic direction for the Ministry and the sector as a whole because for us, our Research Stations play a critical role in knowledge management and will be at the forefront of this reprioritization of duties, how we want to place staff with expertise in that particular area, whereby someone who needs information about a specific crop can be direct to the right personnel at the right station,” highlighted Reddy.
The reprioritization of research activities by respective stations will be finalised soon.


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