The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) is looking to introduce contractual farming for its current and potential suppliers as part of its new programs.  

The contract will define the quantity of the produce required, at which intervals the produce is required, the pricing range that will be paid to farmers, and the AMA obligations and that of the respective farmer(s).   AMA Chief Executive Officer Alvin Sharma highlighted this during the handing over of the hand-held tractors to Qaraniqoli farming clusters in Macuata yesterday.  

“We want to engage farmers to grow more targeted produce and AMA will commit to buying them from you,” said Mr. Sharma.  

Targeted produce includes Duruka, Chilies, Pulses, Tumeric, and Cowpeas.   Mr. Sharma assured farmers that the AMA would purchase the recommended produce and would be work with the Ministry of Agriculture to identify other crops best suited to the climatic conditions of their area.  

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