The Agricultural Marketing Authority is now compliant with international standards under the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification.
Due to food safety being a serious concern for any manufacturer that produces or packages edible goods, this prompted the AMA to pursue HACCP Certification to ensure its processes were compliant with international standards.

HACCP Australia identifies and manages hazards, reduces the risks of food contamination events through the development, implementation, and ongoing operation of comprehensive HACCP based Food Safety Programmes.

Suppliers to the food industry can have their products endorsed as food safe under HACCP Australia guidelines, providing a strong marketing platform to the food safety-conscious sector of the industry.

The Board of the Agricultural Marketing Authority and the Chief Executive Officer of the AMA – Mr. Alvin Sharma have heaped praises on the outstanding efforts of the hardworking staff, who persevered and ensured that the AMA was HACCP certified.

“We are proud of our team at the AMA and appreciate the tremendous improvement made in our processes to reach this level”, said Mr. Sharma.
“This is a stepping stone to even further improvements which will be made within the Quality Management Systems at the AMA, to achieve further international accreditation in the future. Our customers can now be reassured that our processes and procedures now comply with international standards,” he added.

Meanwhile, HACCP Australia’s Senior Project Manager Mr. David Haberfield conveyed his congratulatory message to the staff and management of AMA for their improving efforts to comply with international standards.
“Congratulations to your team on all of the work that has been done. You have all come a long way and many improvements have been made during the journey. Your key goal is to now maintain the systems and standards that have been achieved,” said Mr. Haberfield.

In addition to the HACCP Certification, the Agricultural Marketing Authority is also accredited with the USFDA Certification, which allows the AMA to export to the United States of America as well.

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