“Affordable and reliable electricity is a life changer for everyone in the country. It is critical pillar of development.”

This was highlighted by the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Rural and Maritime Development, Jone Usamate while commissioning the Tuvavatu rural electrification project in Rakiraki.

Minister Usamate reminded the residents that Government is focused on
making sure that every Fijian shares the life-changing benefits that
electricity provides.

“Having access to electricity improves the livelihoods of everyone,
young and old and its effects multiply to contribute to the achievement of our
development goals.”

“We have ourselves a national target ensuring that all Fijians have
access to electricity by 2021. The completion of this extension is the result
of planning, long-term thinking and a steady flow of investment from our

Minister Usamate highlighted that over the past five years, Government
has provided funding to the tune of around $224million towards the energy sector
in which 70cents of every dollar spent in the sector have gone directly to
rural electrification.

“To date more than 25,000 Fijian households have benefited from this
program of rural electrification. In this current budget, Government has set
aside an additional $12.5million to add another 1,400 households to that

The project cost $480,000, this includes the money paid to Energy Fiji
Limited for grid extension and also house wiring.

Close to 33 households of 165 people including the elderly, parents,
youths and children will benefit from this investment.

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