With the adverse weather conditions currently experienced in most parts of Fiji, Minister Akbar strongly reiterates the message given by the Honourable Prime Minister yesterday, for parents to be extremely vigilant8 in supervising their children in this rainy weather.

All too often, unsupervised children have been tempted by these seemingly inviting but extremely dangerous flash floods and many lives have been sacrificed due to the negligence of adults.

Minister Akbar is appealing to all parents and guardians, who are supervising children at home, not to allow children to play outside in this rainy season.

“With the dangers of flooding in low lying areas and exposure to water borne diseases, please keep your children indoors and stay safe,” said Minister Akbar.

“I trust that you will all continue your cautious efforts to keep our children safe and engaged at home with the Ministry supplementary learning materials,” said Minister Akbar.

“We also encourage our children to stay tuned to our educational programmes on Radio Fiji One, Radio Fiji Two and free-to-air Walesi Channel 9.”

Parents should also make arrangements with Head of Schools to collect worksheets from 4 May 2020. Head of Schools are to ensure that teachers continue to access relevant resource materials from school to plan for their activities.

Minister Akbar also reminds everyone to continue practicing social distancing and good hygiene habits.

“Let’s stay safe and keep our children safe.”

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