The Ministry of Agriculture is advising all farmers to take all necessary precautions to reduce risk to life and their property as a heavy rain warning remains in force for parts of the Fiji group. 

The weather forecast by the Fiji Meteorological Services reveals that localised heavy rain can cause flash flooding in low lying areas and is cause for farmers from the identified areas within the Fiji group to take immediate precautions and necessary preparatory arrangements to minimise damages to their livelihoods. 

“Farmers are advised to begin securing their property, stock and life. It is recommended that farmers keep their animals, machineries and farm implements away from flood-prone areas and secure the livestock sheds,” said Minister for Agriculture Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy. 

“Following TC Yasa, there was widespread destruction to farmers livelihoods, especially to livestock as farmers failed to do what was needed to properly secure their animals and this time around, we are pleading with farmers to take the necessary precautions now.”

 It is also advisable for farmers to monitor crops which are in flood prone areas to avoid losses during flooding. They can also move planting materials to higher grounds so that they can be used after flood waters have receded. 

Farmers also have to be wary of culverts and other waterways created by floods and to keep family members and animals away from them. It is prudent that farmers pay close attention to all weather forecasts, warnings and advisories issued by the Fiji Meteorological Services. 

Farmers are also advised to follow precautionary measures so that losses from flash floods and strong winds are minimised and if at all possible, be avoided.

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