Since the opening of the New Four Lane Road Project on Kings Road between Rewa Bridge and 9-Miles route 2 months ago, a record of 10 Accidents have occurred along this stretch of Highway.

This was confirmed by the Fiji Roads Authority Chief Executive Officer-Jonathan Moore Today.

He says its costing FRA almost eight thousand dollars per incident.

“The last record from our legal team was there was 9 accidents, 10 with the one this week in 2 months, the average cost is eight thousand dollars per incident, in 2 months we are looking at $75,000 to $80,000 wasted on damage to our assets”

Moore also added they will have to take drivers  of the accidents to court if they have to.

He also gave an update on the current Road Upgrade Project along the Queen Elizabeth Drive which will be conducted in 3 Phases with the actual road work to be carried out next year with one of the main challenges is the poor ground conditions.



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