The Accident Compensation Commission of Fiji has made a payment to the husband of a victim of a motor vehicle accident which resulted in the victim’s death.

The deceased, Mrs. Milika Tubuna was involved in a motor vehicle accident on 10th May 2020 along Kings Road near Caubati Road Junction, which claimed her life and several others sustained injuries.

The accident allegedly occurred as a result of careless driving. ACCF is concerned with the possibility that the accident occurred as a result of a 50-year-old driver allegedly making a right turn and colliding into an oncoming vehicle.

The motor vehicle accident application was received from the husband of the deceased.

Upon receiving the application and all relevant information, ACCF
processed it in a timely manner and assessed the compensation in accordance with the Accident Compensation Act 2017 and Regulations. Mr Bose was very grateful for ACCF’s assistance and when receiving his compensation of $75,000.00, he said:

“I am hoping that more victims and families of victims of motor vehicle accidents reach out to ACCF for assistance after reading about my experience. I am very grateful to the Government for introducing this scheme which helps out many families.”

To date ACCF has paid over $15.7 million in compensation to victims of motor vehicle,
employment and school accidents since the Government-established scheme came
into force on 01st January 2018.
The road death toll for 2020 was 45, compared to 63 in 2019. A contributing factor
towards the lower comparative figure is likely to be the restrictions on movement
throughout the year, not safer driving. ACCF says even one life lost is one life too
many. ACCF is concerned with the recent motor vehicle accidents, particularly during
the festive season. Between 25th and 30th December 2020 we lost 6 lives. That’s 6
lives lost in a space of 5 days. ACCF also notes with concern the accident on 1
January 2021 in Tailevu where a driver lost control of the bus that he was driving,
causing injuries to the passengers. This is totally unacceptable. All these serious
injuries and loss of lives on our roads are unnecessary and avoidable.
Drivers are urged to be patient on the roads and not take risks. They should plan their
journey, leave early and do not rush. Drivers should ensure they are well rested before
they drive, do not consume alcohol or other intoxicating substances, and buckle up.
Other road users are also urged to be careful and share the road safely.

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