The Association of Banks in Fiji (ABIF) is pleased to confirm the extension of Rakesh Ram as the chairman. Ram was originally appointed to the role in September 2018 and has seen one of the most difficult times in banking during his Chairmanship.

It started with the tightening of the liquidity position in the market and how the association effectively managed the situation without significant impact on customers and the overall economy.

Then the worst global pandemic where the ABIF worked relentlessly to accommodate the concerns of the customers and collaborated with the government and the regulator to ensure that it has helped the customers to the best of its ability and at the same time protect the banks’ and its shareholders.

Ram is immensely grateful for all the support he has received particularly from customers, regulator, and the government but most importantly and genuinely for the support of the members of ABIF who have always been behind him.

The ABIF represents all commercial banks in Fiji namely ANZ, Bank of Baroda, Bred, BSP Bank, HFC Bank and, Westpac.

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