Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum commissioned two new projects worth more than $2million at the Fiji Corrections Services (FCS) in Natabua, Lautoka today.

Commissioning the newly renovated mess hall for remand prisoners and a new facility for the young and elderly remand prisoners, the A-G highlighted the #FijianGovernment‘s aim in improving correction facilities around the country.

Under the Bainimarama government and of course under the FijiFirst government we made a policy decision that we not only improve the conditions of those who work within corrections services in terms of salaries, job evaluation exercise but also the facilities in which they live in their staff quarters.

And also to be able to ensure that the environment for those who have been brought to the criminal justice system and have to serve a particular term are in the right environment.

The A-G stated that the commissioning of the new premises is a small facet in a wider philosophical approach to the correction services in #Fiji.He acknowledged FCS for its tremendous work along with its stakeholders and also highlighted that there needs to be transparency in their work.

The A-G stated that a transparent approach needs to be taken when dealing with corrections services and it is important to engage with all partners as it will assist in tackling challenges faced within the system. (paraphrased)”

It’s critically important for us to take that approach because if we take that approach then we will be able to correct those gaps.”

He also highlighted on the current COVID-19 restrictions and urged #Fijians to be prudent and creative on how to deal with the current situation at hand.

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