Nine students of Navesau Adventist High School were part of a group recognized for assisting Police with the arrest of the 22year old charged with aggravated robbery, assault, damaging property and common nuisance after erecting an illegal roadblock near Navesau last month.

Also part of the group is 19year old McVeigh Mainu from Papua New Guinea who along with eight of his fellow students assisted efforts that led to the successful arrest of the accused.

Mainu and fellow Year 12 student Simione Waqa who was injured in the incident said they ran after the accused and gave chase as he fled into nearby bushes.

They said other students tried their best to run after the accused but had to withdraw after they were allegedly pelted with stones.Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said the Fiji Police Force was proud of all their efforts. He said it is encouraging to see the young generation doing the right thing and playing a proactive role in addressing criminal activities.

The Acting Commissioner thanked each student individually knowing the situation was a dangerous one that could have resulted in serious injury or even death.

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