The Drug Operations in the Northern Division continues with the assistance provided by the drone capability.

This week more than eight hundred plants believed to be marijuana were uprooted from four different farms in Naqaravutu village, Tunuloa, Cakaudrove after it was detected through the drone.

Chief Operations Officer ACP Abdul Khan has confirmed the raid that was conducted by the Drugs Team had resulted in the arrests of two men aged 28 and 19 from their farms and both were found smoking dried leaves believed to be marijuana.

Also discovered was an apparatus with more than 20 branches placed beside them at the time of the arrests. The two were questioned and released awaiting the test results.

ACP Khan said one of the suspects  finally led the team to his farm where more than 200 green plants believed to be marijuana were uprooted ranging from 26cm to 2mts.

He added another farm that was raided by the team had more than 100 green plants ranging from 1.4 to 2.8mts with the owner unknown while more than 400 plants ranging from 5cm to 20cm were also uprooted by the team from another farm beside the village.

The farmer was also unknown while 18 plants were pulled up by the team from another  unknown farm.

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