THE 2019 Oceania Rugby 7s Championships will be the 12th Edition of the Men’s event and the 7th Edition of the Women’s event and the 5th combined event.

The Oceania region boasts to contain the cream of the crop in regard to top performers in Rugby 7s, including the current Olympic Gold medallists Fiji in the Men’s and Australia in the Women’s, and current Commonwealth Games and Rugby World Cup Sevens New Zealand in both the Men’s and the Women’s as such the annual Oceania Rugby 7s Championship is a hotly contested competition.

This year’s Championship provides a direct qualification spot for both the Men and the Women’s Section of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with the runners up also qualifying for the repechage tournament.

The draws are split into two sections where there is an international section and an Olympic Qualification section. Teams competing in the Olympic Qualifying Section will play off in the semi-finals of the overall Oceania Rugby 7s Competition facing off with the teams in the International section.

The runners up of both Olympic Qualifying Finals will also qualify for the repechage tournament.

The Women’s qualifying sections are:

  1. Cook Islands
  2. Fiji
  3. Nauru
  4. PNG
  5. Samoa
  6. Solomon Islands
  7. Tonga
  8. Vanuatu

The Men’s Olympic Qualifying Sections are:

  1. American Samoa
  2. Australia
  3. Cook Islands
  4. Nauru
  5. PNG
  6. Samoa
  7. Solomon Islands
  8. Tonga
  9. Tuvalu
  10. Vanuatu

From the Oceania Region, New Zealand and Fiji are the only teams that have already qualified for the Men’s 7s section of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In the Women’s Section, only Australia and New Zealand are the teams that have already qualified for the 7s section of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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