Good news on Christmas day for those Fiji National Provident Fund members that have their homes badly damaged or destroyed during Tropical Cyclone Yasa.

FNPF is providing cyclone relief to members.

This withdrawal is only for affected areas as per advice from the National Disaster Management Office.

FNPF will be visiting the Labasa this weekend.

Wavuwavu, Vunika, Mataniwai, Vunicuicui, Korowiri,
Nagigi, Coqeloa, Vuniyaluyalu, Namada, Korotubu Village,
Ranibulu, Lagalaga, Soasoa
Naduna, Tuatua, Cawaira, Valebasoga, Batinikama, Korotari
Settlement, Bulileka, Siberia, Namara, Nawa, Vunivau,
Qelemumu, Laqere, Qelewaqa, Tabia

Key requirements is that members must have sufficient
General Account eligibility, $100 – $2,000 withdrawal allowed
Maximum – $2,000 per household and Members should reside in the affected areas or have a previous FNPF Village Housing application for the same property

This is an immediate relief to assist members during this recovery period.

Affected members can also apply for the FNPF Village or Urban Housing assistance for quick repair or rebuilding purposes.

Members not residing in the affected area or want to assist relatives can apply for Village or Urban Housing assistance.

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