A $700,000 investment on a seawall made by the Fijian Government in the village of Namoli, Lautoka has brought smiles to the faces of more than 900 Fijians.

Commissioning the seawall today, @FijiPM highlighted that the Fijian Government is committed to protecting Fijians from rising sea levels, all along the country’s more than 1,100 kilometres of shoreline.

“And that commitment is on full display here today in Namoli Village. You are all too familiar with the damaging erosion that is threatening property in your community, and when I heard your plea for help, I knew we had to step in.”

The new seawall stretches across 440 metres of shoreline and is built to a standard aimed at maximum protection from coastal erosion.

PM Bainimarama also highlighted that the newly-completed seawall is a great example of human engineering, but all too often, that alone isn’t enough.

“That’s why this project will be complemented with what we call a “nature-based solution” –– the planting of mangroves that will provide the first line of defence from coastal erosion and sea-level rise. By tapping into nature, the future of Namoli will be more environmentally-friendly and more secure, helping both your people and the planet alike.”

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