Sixty eight (68) people were
arrested last night for breaching the curfew hours from 10pm to 5am this

Thirty seven (37) were arrested
in the Western Division, thirteen (13) in the Southern Division and eighteen in
the (18) in the Eastern Division.

The sixty eight had no valid
reasons to be out during curfew hours when Officers queried about their
movements and were arrested and taken into custody.

With the high number of arrests
made, Police officers had to strictly adhere to protocols and measures to
ensure they were also not exposed to any possible health threats as processing
teams were on standby to handle the cases as they were brought to the Stations.

We are again pleading with
members of the public to adhere to the curfew hours as it not only helps keep
you out of trouble, but it helps protects the lives of other Fijians and Police
officers at a time when physical distancing is being viewed the world over as
the best way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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