The Commander Land Force Parade for the beginning of the 20/21 fiscal year, was held at the Queen Elizabeth Barrack..

The Commander Land Force, Colonel Manoa GADAI in his address to the 60 officers and 500 personnels on parade began with an acknowledgement to the God Almighty for His continuous blessings and protection and to Padre, Captain Tunidau for the beautiful sermon based on the reading Proverbs 3: 5-6 and the good work they have been doing in ministering the Word of God and providing counseling for the personnels.

The Commander Land Force also conveyed the Commander RFMF’s, Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto’s most sincere appreciation to the Land Force personnels for the immense work they have been doing so far which was evident during his visits to the outside companies and also to the outside LF units.

While delivering his speech, the Commander Land Force once again reminded LF personnels that the heavy packs they are wearing signifies the responsibilities that are upon their shoulders including their families, their villages, their province and therefore need to well protect their jobs and avoid Absence Without Leave and becoming a Deserter.

Colonel Gadai also sincerely acknowledged everyone for the immense work they have been undertaking from the beginning of this year. He also acknowledged the Unit Commanders for their support in forming a vibrant Taskforce for the combat of this worldwide pandemic that is still affecting us, COVID 19. Their leadership has allowed Land Force Command to effectively provide support to the Fiji Police Force and also help the government in the fight against COVID 19 till to date.

Most importantly, he again reminded the LF personnels of afew but most vital to the taskings ahead of us:1. UNITY Speaking in the itaukei language, Colonel Manoa GADAI reminded the personnels of the great need to be united.

“ Me da duavata, se na noda veilomani se veimositi vata na veiqaravi me maroroi kina na noda vanua, noda matanitu, noda mataivalu kei na kawa tamata kece sara.

In further elaborating the word UNITY, Colonel Manoa Gadai reiterates the need for Unity of Command and the Unity of Effort. He elaborated that the Unity of Command is when personnels are united to work towards the Commander’s Intent of the CRFMF, the Commander’s Intent of CLF and the CO’s Intent, while Unity of Effort is when personnels are united towards the taskings they are undertaking which is expressed through their dress, their work and has been evident through Land Force COVID 19 Operations, HADR and Security and Stability Operations, which has been successful and effective so far.


Secondly, personnels are reminded again of their personal security, the security of their families, the security of their UNITS, the security of RFMF and the security of this NATION.

Having said that, the Commander Land Force prompts every personnel on parade to AVOID feeding on unnecessary rumours and information that continues to rubbish the immense efforts of the RFMF and that of the government. He strongly emphasized that he will not allow the events of 2000 or allow anyone for that matter to hurt his family especially during his leadership as the Commander Land Force.


Last but not the least, is FAMILY. Colonel Manoa Gadai in his speech mentions the beauty in seeing soldiers walking with their wives carrying their children while out shopping in town.

He advised the personnels to love and protect their families. In conclusion, Colonel Gadai wishes everyone the best and acknowledges every one of their dress and their turn out.

The Commander Land Force parade was followed by a route march conducted in Units.

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