If you are having a difficult time paying rent, you can try resolving this by contacting your landlords and making your request in writing.

If you are a tenant – What to do?

• Write to your landlord, stating the nature of assistance being sought and retain a copy of this letter

• If your landlord is able to agree on the terms proposed, please ensure that you honour the terms of variation of the agreement.

• If your landlord does not agree, please contact FCCC to enable us to mediate on the matter

• If you are served with an eviction notice, a distress order or court eviction order, please contact FCCC, we will examine your case and assist you under the relevant laws that are available.

If you are a Landlord – What to do?
• If you receive a letter from your tenant seeking deferment or rent reduction, please assist them on humanitarian grounds

• If you feel your tenant has the ability to pay but is trying to mislead you please contact FCCC. We will investigate your claims.

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