Despite the repeated warnings and advisories regarding the nationwide curfew hours, another fourty eight (48) people were arrested between 10pm to 5am this morning.

The Western Division recorded eighteen (18) arrests, sixteen (16) in the South, six (6) in the East, five (5) Central and three (3) in the North.

It’s the third day since the enforcement of the nationwide curfew, and we have found that the main reason behind the high number of arrests, is due to sheer laxity and a no care attitude.

Many that have been arrested were either returning from a social gathering or a kava session at a friends or relatives place, while the rest could not give any reason as to why they had lost track of the time and were caught out during the curfew hours.

As well as the static checkpoints erected at strategic locations throughout the country, increased mobile patrols continues as reports come in of people not adhering to the curfew and are moving around in areas outside of where the roadblocks have been erected.

As a warning to all those still deliberately breaching the curfew hours, we will get you, as our mobile patrols have been beefed up.

We continue to urge members of the public to contact the National Police Command and Control Center on 9905 296 or their nearest Divisional Police Command Centers and report those that are breaching the curfew hours, as we need to work together to fight COVID-19.

Every bit of information counts and we appreciate all the assistance that has been rendered to officers on COVID-19 and routine operations.

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