Sixty four people were arrested over the last 24hours which included forty three arrests for breach of sporting activities.

The 43 arrested were all in their 20’s and were found playing volleyball in Nabua.

The other 21 reports were for breach of curfew with the Southern and Western Divisions recording seven cases each.
In the Southern Division, three men were found drunk in the Nabua and Delainavesi area while a 31 year old farmer was arrested in Vatuwaqa whereas a 42 year old man was stopped and arrested at the Laqere checkpoint driving without a license and did not have a valid reason for being out during curfew hours.

Three cases were recorded in the Eastern Division which included a 43 year old man who was arrested for attempted burglary at the Naduru Area in Nausori while 2 people were found loitering at the Fulton Road junction along the Kings Highway.

The Western Division recorded seven cases whereby five were found drunk in the Tavua area whereas a 30year old man was arrested for an alleged case of break-in at the Viseisei area and one was found loitering in Lautoka

The only two cases recorded in the North included a 25 year old farmer who was found in possession of illicit drugs while the 18 year old man was arrested walking along the road .

The Central Division recorded two cases whereby both men in their 20’s were found sniffing glue and drunk at the Nasese and Flagstaff area

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