The Third Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR) opened the Annual Infantry Week with a battalion parade at the 3FIR drill square in QEB, Nabua. Commanding-Officer of the Battalion Lieutenant-Colonel Aseri Rokoura officiated the parade and reminded his troops on the importance of carrying on with the tasks left by their forefathers.

“Today we paraded with our Infantry colors that our forefathers, brothers have stood by over the past few years and it is your job to carry on that responsibility…A true infantryman is not judged by the uniform he or she wears but by abiding by the oaths we swore and that is to serve our country and Nation.” Lt-Col Rokoura said.

Lt-Col Rokoura also stressed the importance of maintaining discipline in the battalion and applauded the great effort shown by his men during the COVID-19 contact tracing and Quarantine Enforcement operations.

The infantry week is celebrated annually by the 3FIR to commemorate the lives of infantrymen who were lost and also is a time to give back to the community. The 3FIR will take part in several activities in the coming days as part of the Infantry Week Celebrations which will end next week.

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