Thirty seven (37) people were arrested over the last 24 hours for alleged cases of COVID-19 restriction breaches.

The Eastern Division recorded nineteen (19) cases, ten (10) for social gathering and nine (9) for breach of curfew.

Southern Division recorded eleven (11) cases, six (6) for breach of curfew and five (5) for social gathering.

The Western Division recorded seven (7) cases, six (6) for social gathering and one (1) for breach of curfew.

Both the North and Central Divisions recorded nil arrests in the last 24 hours.

As the restrictions on social gatherings are being relaxed to 20 people or fewer, everyone needs to still take responsibility and ensure that they do not risk their own lives, the lives of their loved ones and all other Fijians.

The message remains the same, if you dont need to leave your home, then please do the responsible thing and stay home.

The relaxation of the social gathering restrictions should not be used as an excuse to hold unnecessary yaqona and drinking parties as this can also lead to other probe problems including assault.

Physical distancing measures should still be practiced at all times.

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