Thirty One people were arrested in the last 24 hours,  sixteen[16] for curfew breaches and 15 for sporting activities.

The Southern Division recorded Twenty Six[26]  reports in total, 11 for curfew breaches  and fifteen  (15) for sports activities.  

One of the 15 arrested included a police officer who was found playing volleyball with three others in Veisari while 12 were arrested for playing touch rugby at Lagilagi Housing  in Jittu Estate and at the Lady Narain roundabout in Tamavua.    

The Western Division recorded five (5) arrests for  breach of curfew while nil reports were recorded in the Central , Eastern and the  Northern Division      

Police commended those who have been listening and adhering to the advisories and we hope that the weekend will not see a spike in the number of arrests of curfew breach as people move around with the intentions of gathering for social purposes.   Plan your movement well, and if you’re not home by 10pm, stay where you are until the curfew is lifted at 5am.

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