Twenty three households in the village of Makadru in Matuku, Lau now have a proper and safer mode of transportation following the provision of a brand new boat and engine worth $16,210 from the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management.
The assistance was made possible under the Ministry’s Self-Programme (SHP).
The boat is expected to address issues of limited mode of transportation from the village to the farms and assist during emergency response times in the village.
Speaking on behalf of the project beneficiaries, Makadru villager Mr. Mesake Tamani said previously, their families in the village used to face a lot of difficulties with transportation because they did not have a boat.
“Currently our families in the village have to spend $30 to travel to Yaroi to visit the nearest health facility, and that is a lot of money,” Mr. Tamani said.
“This boat will greatly help our families back in the village with transportation and also in getting to their farms.”
“To get to our farms, we have to go through rugged terrains but with this boat, we will be able to just collect our food from near our village and transport using our boat.”
Mr Tamani said the idea to get a boat was a result of concerns expressed by their families abroad during one of their recent visits to the village.
“One of our cousins who came from Australia saw the hardships we were enduring because we didn’t have any boat so he volunteered to give $5,400 as our one third contribution for getting this assistance,” he added.
Government contributed more than $10,000.
Meanwhile, under the SHP, rural dwellers are assisted in the construction of basic amenities and other small projects. The programme encourages communities to initiate their socio economic sustainable development projects on a cost sharing basis with government, and by doing so, it aims to instil a sense of community ownership over these initiatives.

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