Enumerators for the 2020 Fiji Agriculture Census will participate in a final series of training to help familiarize themselves with the use of the data collection tools and processes.

training, which is being held simultaneously across 7 locations for enumerators
nationwide this week, reiterates the important role of enumerators in
collecting factual and reliable data during the national exercise which is
earmarked to be held from 10-28 February 2020.

Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Mr. Ritesh Dass in his opening message
delivered at all enumerator trainings emphasized the importance of enumerators’
engagement during the Census operation.

Ministry, together with its stakeholders, has conducted a series of training to
ensure that officers engaged in this vital operation are appropriately trained
to fully understand the systems and processes in place and what is expected of
them to deliver.

role enables the collection of much needed quality information that will
populate Fiji’s Agriculture Census data-base,” the message read.

statistics allow for better planning and policy formulation and ensures
sustainable development and accurate measurement of sectoral performance,” he

were also advised to commit and focus on their roles, taking ownership of its
responsibilities and demands as the success of the agriculture census rested on

census, survey or data collection exercise needs collaborative input from all
levels of the structure in order to be successful, and to be able to generate
that quality data,” he said.

is a high demand for agriculture information not just locally but also globally
and such pleas have been a driving force in the urgent need to establish a
sustainable Agriculture Statistic System in Fiji,” he said.

primary sectors which include the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and
Forest are the main sources of Agricultural production statistics in Fiji,
therefore, it is imperative to create a sustainable statistical system for
these Ministries that will warrant generation of quality and timely data,” said
Mr. Dass.

is vulnerable to climate change, natural disasters and economic shocks,
therefore it is very important to have necessary data sets that clearly
identify these occurrences and allows for responsive development strategies
based on evidence.”

2020 Fiji Agriculture Census will be the first time whereby officers engaged
will use the Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) system through the
use of tablets for data collection.

adoption of this technology will improve the quality and transparency of data
collected, shorten the time for data processing and rapidly disseminate results
for Census data users.

am sure we all are proud to be a part of this revolutionary move, and
Agriculture Statistics, with this new device, has now embarked on a conception
of a successful and sustainable statistical system,” he said.

use of this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the census process,
ask as many questions when you depart on the last day of training so that you
are ready and confident to carry out your roles as Field Enumerators for the
2020 Agriculture Census.”

Fiji Agriculture Census training for Enumerators is currently being held in
seven centers across all the 4 geographical divisions.

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