Just one week after Fiji’s first case of COVID-19, the Fijian Government launched a COVID-19 Response Budget in response to the health and economic impacts of the global spread of the novel coronavirus.

Buoyed by new budgetary allocations, Fiji’s public health campaign has seen decisive victories in containing the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, the Response Budget’s fiscal stimulus has supported Fijian businesses and livelihoods from the pandemic’s global economic fallout.

As travel restrictions and supply chain disruptions have persisted, the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to deal serious blows to Fijian employers and employees.

To build on the progress of the COVID-19 Response Budget, the Ministry of Economy has commenced preparations for the 2020-2021 National Budget and is calling on all Fijians to put forward their submissions.

The Budget will continue to fund vital public health measures, while also aiming to bolster consumer, business, and investor confidence. Safeguarding the wellness of Fijian families through the dual economic and health crises facing the world will be central to the 2020-2021 National Budget.

To best uplift lives and livelihoods during these trying times, the Ministry needs to hear the ideas and experiences of the Fijian people. This is your opportunity to make submissions about how the budget can most impactfully respond to issues affecting your family, community or business.

Submissions should be emailed, sent by post, or hand-delivered by 5 June 2020 to the following addresses:

❇️ E-mail: budgetconsultation@economy.gov.fj

❇️ Postal Delivery:
Ministry of Economy
P. O. Box 2212
Government Buildings

❇️ Hand Delivery:
Ministry of Economy
Level 10
Ro Lalabalavu House
Victoria Parade

You can also make your submissions online at bit.ly/2020NationalBudget.

For any clarifications, please contact Shiri Gounder, Head of Fiscal Policy, Research and Analysis at the Ministry of Economy on 3221133 or 9475204.

We are the direct source of information. Please do not believe Government news until it is confirmed here.


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