There is a growing interest in ensuring the approaches used in fisheries and conservation, incorporate gender Equity and Social Inclusion to ensure outcomes are fair, just and sustainable.

This was the remark made by Wild-life Conservation Society’s Fiji -Program Director-Doctor Sangeeta Mangubhai during the 2019 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations International Symposium on Fisheries Sustainability held in Rome this month.

Wildlife Conservation Society Fiji Country Program Director-Doctor Sangeeta Mangubha shared her views on how gender and social inclusion could enhance food security and biodiversity conservation.

Doctor Manughbai says it is critical to understand ‘inter-sectionality’ which where social categorizations such as ethnicity, class, and gender can overlap and can compound inequalities.

Beyond a moral issue, inequalities can create obstacles that if not understood and addressed, will ultimately make biodiversity and fisheries interventions ineffective,

She added in moving forward, “it is important that gender issues are on the FAO Committee on Fisheries agenda, and the development of a strategy for mainstreaming gender equity and social inclusion in programmes and in statistics, policies and international instruments should be discussed.”

The 2019 International Symposium on Fisheries Sustainability is set to identify pathways to strengthen the science and policy interplay in fisheries production, management and trade, based on principals of sustainability, for improved outcomes in practice.

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