The Motibhai Group has decided to make 200 positions within the company redundant.

The group says the Covid-19 pandemic has struck hard at Fiji’s tourism industry on which the Group’s businesses depend, both directly and indirectly which has contributed significantly to a severe decline in trade across all of the Group’s activities.

Like most Fijian businesses, the Group says they initially introduced temporary measures aimed at reducing costs in the hope that the situation would soon stabilise and that things might quickly return to normal. However it has become clear from international developments that business activity will remain well below normal levels for many months.

Given this scenario, the Group has been forced to carry out an in-depth review of its operations to ensure its economic sustainability in this new business environment. This unfortunately means that several employee positions will cease to exist in the Group’s downsized structure.

Motibhai says this has been a difficult decision for the Group’s directors and management to make. The group said the fairest way forward is to release employees from employment, fairly and lawfully compensated, so that they can look clearly at their own best economic options.

It said redundancies will allow the staff for whom we no longer have work to receive their entitlements and pursue other options to support themselves and their families.

The Group says they are following all legal requirements. As required by law, the Ministry of Employment has been notified with all relevant information. All staff whose redundancy is confirmed will receive redundancy pay as required by law.

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