As the global COVID-19 death toll surpasses the 100,000 in
what has been described as a grim landmark, it is astounding to see the level
of ignorance by a group of selfish people who have shown they lack good
sense and judgement and are blatantly
disregarding life saving health advisories.

The one
hundred and ninety three people arrested in the last 24hour period are classic
examples of the selfish group of people that authorities continue to talk about
that are risking the lives of their families and loved ones by leaving their
homes, breaching curfew hours and choosing to mingle with potential COVID-19
carriers over yaqona and drinking sessions, withour realizing that  a few
hours of fun could result in days and weeks of suffering for their loved ones
when they take the virus back into their homes.

Of the 193
arrests, one hundred and thirty nine (139) people were arrested for social
gathering breaches, fifty three (53) arrests for curfew breaches and one (1)
arrest for breach of lockdown restrictions.

The Western
Division recorded fifty eight (58) social gathering breaches as people were
still found gathering in numbers for kava or drinking sessions. 

Similarly the
Eastern Division recorded thirty (30) social gathering breaches mostly in rural
areas, twenty seven(27) in the South which included arrests on Vanuabalavu,
eighteen (18) in the Central Division and six (6) in the North.

Keep in mind
that any ASSEMBLY OF INDIVIDUALS as defined in the Public
Health Act is considered a gathering.

Therefore if
you are intending to invite even one or two people over to your home or plan to
meet others for a social gathering then you are breaching the COVID-19

breaches accounted for fifty three (53) of the overall number of arrests with
the Eastern Division recording thirty (30) arrests, thirteen (13) in the South,
six (6) in the West, three (3) in the North and one (1) in the Central

There was one
report of lockdown breach in the Eastern Division.

We also have
the support of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces who are assisting us with
the arrests of COVID-19 restriction breaches.

roadblocks will remain throughout today and officers will strictly monitor
movement throughout Fiji.

The message
is simple, STAY HOME.

Unless you
need to run to the shops to pick up groceries and urgent supplies, STAY HOME.

Unless it is
an emergency situation, STAY HOME.

With today
being Sunday we do not expect a lot of movement and if you are found moving
around without a valid reason, be prepared to spend your Sunday in Police
custody as we have issued enough warnings.

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