On Saturday, 27 June, 162 Fijians returned to the country after completing peacekeeping duties in the Sinai.

While we look forward to reuniting our Peacekeepers with their families, to ensure no risk to the public, this can only be done by adhering the current Fijian Government protocols for all citizens returning to Fiji.

Upon arrival at the Nadi Airport, all returning Peacekeepers underwent symptom and temperature checks and were immediately placed safely into quarantine. In addition, the very next day, each was swabbed for the real-time RT-PCR test — one of the most accurate and widely used laboratory methods for detecting COVID-19 worldwide. The tests were conducted at the Fiji CDC, and all came back negative for the virus.

The troops will remain in quarantine until they complete their 14-day period, when they will be tested again using the RT-PCR. They will be released from quarantine only upon receiving a second negative result.

We thank them for their sacrifice –– both in their service as Peacekeepers and understanding of Fiji’s greater COVID-containment efforts.

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