The Ministry of Health has stated that there are 14 confirmed cases of measles in the country. The latest confirmed case is a 36-year-old from Makosoi, Deuba – in the Serua/Namosi subdivision.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is once again ‘strongly advising’ – against non-essential travel, to the Serua/Namosi area.

This includes, but is not limited to – the areas of Wainadoi, Nabukavesi, Namosi, Navua, and Deuba.

The Ministry of Health continues to hear about residents of Serua/Namosi planning for gatherings that will bring people from across the country and overseas.

They are advising in the strongest terms that until outbreak precautions are ceased in Serua/Namosi, all such gatherings should be deferred.

This includes private celebrations such as weddings and family gatherings. If you need to travel to Serua/Namosi, please get vaccinated against measles at least two weeks before travel. Avoid taking those that cannot get vaccinated to the outbreak area of Serua/Namosi.

Members of the public who are holding an event with international visitors, or participants from an outbreak area, are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against measles at least two weeks before travel. This especially applies to visitors travelling from other countries with measles outbreaks i.e. New Zealand, Samoa and Tonga.

The Ministry has confirmed that the measles vaccine is currently in limited supply. Health officials will be prioritized to those who are at the greatest risk of catching and spreading measles. This current restriction will change after new vaccine stock arrives later this week.

Currently, the free vaccine is only available to Children as per the routine national immunization schedule which is 12 months and 18 months of age and the residents of Serua/Namosi.

Contacts of a measles case will also continue to be vaccinated as determined by the respective outbreak response team.

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