One hundred and seventeen (117) arrests were made in the
last 24 hours including a Police officer who failed to adhere to social
gathering restrictions.

The Police officer was arrested after he was found playing
rugby with a group of youths in Waila yesterday. 

He will also face our internal disciplinary processes.

Of the 117 cases, the Northern Division recorded thirty five
(35) cases which were all form social gathering breaches as the Post officer at
the Saqani Police Post arrested a number of people for gathering in numbers and
drinking yaqona.

The Eastern Division recorded thirty four (34) cases which
include, twenty eight (28) for social gathering breach, three (3) for curfew
breach and three (3) for lockdown breach.

One of the suspects arrested for the lockdown breach
allegedly swam from Lokia
to Nadali.

The Western
Division recorded thirty (30) cases which include twenty one (21) for social
gathering breach, eight (8) for curfew breach and one (1) for self-quarantine

The lone case
of self-quarantine breach involves a man residing in Nadi who had recently
returned from Canada.

The Southern
Division recorded sixteen (16) reports which include ten (10) curfew breach and
six (6) cases of social gathering breach.

In the Central Division there were two (2) cases of social
gathering breach.

A worrying trend noted over the last 24hour period was the
number of juveniles arrested for both the curfew and social gathering breaches.

Of the 117 arrests, twenty eight (28) were juveniles.

Parents and guardians need to keep a closer watch on their
children and be aware of their whereabouts at all times.

The curfew hours remain from 8pm to 5am and parents and
guardian must ensure their children are at home during these hours.

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