One hundred and thirteen (113) arrests were made yesterday, which
includes a case of alleged breach of self-quarantine.

of Social gathering arrests accounted for eighty-eight (88)
cases while
twenty-four (24) cases were
for curfew breaches.

The Western Division recorded the highest number of social
gathering breaches with forty-four (44) reports, whereas the
South and Eastern Divisions both recorded twenty-two (22)

The West also recorded the highest number of curfew breaches
with twelve (12) arrests, nine (9) in the South and three (3) in the Eastern

The case of the self-quarantine breach has been dealt with
and the accused who is an overseas based rugby player has been charged and will be produced
in court today.

A worrying trend has been noted for the Western Division
since the lifting of lockdown restrictions, with the high number of social gathering
and curfew breach arrests made in recent days.

level of complaceny is worrying and we must reiterate the importance of
practising all necessary precautionary measures as advised by the Ministry of
Health whether you are in a lockdown area or not.

Fijians cannot
afford to be complacent as
we are not out of the woods yet.

Today is a public holiday and while there will be an urge to
meet up with families and friends or even go out for a picnic, be reminded that
the social gathering restrictions remains and this will also apply for picnic

Don’t let your guard down and continue to treat every person
as a possible COVID-19 carrier.

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