A total of 10,000 subsistence farmers have already benefited from ADRA Fiji’s Vakarau Wai Fiji Pro Resilience Project that is currently being piloted in the drought prone provinces of Macuata and Ba.

Five thousand women from 150 communities also stand to benefit from the project.

The European Union funded project was implemented to improve the resilience and adaptive capacities of vulnerable communities to El Nino induced drought conditions.

Implemented by the Adventists Development & Relief Agency Germany through ADRA Fiji, the project encompasses three main components; resilience, nutrition and agriculture.

EU Ambassador, Sujiro Seam, visited Macuata to witness the progress of the three year programme.

75 communities in Macuata are involved.

As part of the programme, ADRA Fiji distributed agricultural kits as well as infrastructure to strengthen the resilience of subsistence farmers and at the same introduce new agricultural methods to not only sustain their livelihood but also ensure they are ready in time of disaster.

Since its implementation in 2018, the pilot programme has boost women empowerment with more women participation especially in backyard gardening.

Lusiana Baleilase thanked ADRA Fiji and the EU for assisting the village with 13 clusters of gardening tools, seedlings, fertilizers, irrigation system and knowledge from the trainings held.

ADRA Fiji Country Manager Iliapi Tuwai said that since drought is a reoccurring phenomenon in Fiji, improving the capacity of subsistence farmers and women through trainings and demonstration of good adaptation practices is the most sustainable way of empowering communities to be resilient to disasters such as drought.

The programme ends in November.

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