In its bid to prevent flooding in the greater Nadi area, the Fijian Government has again invested $1.8million in building its fifth dam – the Mosi 3 Dam.

Speaking at the event in Nadi yesterday, Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama stressed the need for flood alleviation measures to families in the Western division.

“We won’t let Nadi’s aspirations of city-hood be drowned out by rising rivers, and we won’t let coming generations suffer from our inaction today. But taking on an issue as enormous as climate-fuelled flooding takes big ideas and even bigger investments.

“In the case of the Nadi watershed, our work has centred around harnessing two mighty forces of nature: The Nawaka and Mosi rivers. Through a strategic agenda of investment, we’ve erected powerful buffers between floodwaters and Fijian communities; the Nawaka 1 and 2 dams and the Mosi 1 and 2 dams. Today, we officially add a fifth: The Mosi 3 Dam.”

PM Bainimarama also stated that the cost of doing nothing, and letting flooding continue unmitigated, would undoubtedly be far higher and has guaranteed that work will not end with this new dam as the Ministry of Waterways will soon begin work on the Mosi 4 Flood Retention Dam in the next fiscal year.

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