Fiji Takes Fight Against Bovine Tuberculosis & Brucellosis Seriously

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Fiji will be releasing new high milk producing breeds,to eradicate our farms from Bovine Tuberculosis & Brucellosis.

This is high on the Ministry of Agriculture’s agenda.

Agriculture Minister says we need to clean up our farms where the new animals will be delivered because if we don’t, these animals will get infected again.

“These diseases, Brucellosis and TB  can be infected from animals to humans. We need to re-look at our farms. This is not something we can do in a month or year or ten years. In Australia, they had it for 80yrs. In the 40th year they started investing in a plan that took another 40 years. It is not the only country in the world to eradicate the two diseases from their farms,” said Mahendra Reddy, Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment.

Reddy says this is a massive investment.

The disease was detected in most provinces in Fiji over the the years.

The current Btech program, encourages farms to cooperate with the Ministry and Bio security to create awareness and availing their farms for testing and to give up om those animals.


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